Agnes at Woodstock felt proud to became employee of the month and received a Chef Masterclass certificate:

“I currently work at Woodstock as a Kitchen Assistant, and I have been an assistant cook since June 2019. I previously worked as a Kitchen Assistant from 2007 to 2009 and I came back in June 2020 on a teatime duty.

I became a Care Assistant at Woodstock for a year after leaving my job in Sittingbourne Community School as a Catering Assistant, which I worked at for nearly eleven years. When the pandemic started my job role changed as I became a full time Kitchen Assistant and Assistant Cook. I even became employee of the month on the year of 2019!

I have been provided with lots of different training from the Home including Dementia Care, First Aid, Nutrition and Hydration and much more. I also achieved a certificate for the Nellsar Chef Masterclass in 2019.

I love and enjoy my job – especially in the cooking. Over the years working at Woodstock, I gained a lot of confidence. Working with such a friendly and supportive team has helped me grow throughout my journey and I feel I have become stronger in myself.”