Mark has seen the evolution of a better working environment at Bromley Park Care Home over the years

Mark began working at Bromley Park Care Home in 2016 and has managed all maintenance requirements throughout the Home and gardens ever since. A self-professed ‘Jack of all trades’, he also drives the Homes’ minibus when residents take an outing and lends a hand to anyone in need, including helping the Maintenance staff at other nearby Nellsar Care Homes.

Mark has enjoyed extensive training throughout his time at Bromley Park for his maintenance responsibilities and he is proud to fulfil multiple roles throughout the Home. The varied role is what Mark most enjoys about his job and he is delighted to see that, through his hard work, the Home is looking cleaner and more refreshed.

Having seen the evolution of a better working environment and higher calibre of staff over the years, Mark also enjoys the social aspect of working among the other staff and residents in the Home. Looking to the future, Mark looks forward to maintaining the high standards at Bromley Park and consistently improving the Home environment for everyone who lives and works there.