Recently promoted to Registered Home Manager, Libby finds her role at Meyer House really rewarding:

“I started working at Meyer House in September 2019 when I was appointed as a Deputy Manager, and was proudly promoted to Home Manager in September 2021. Having started as a Student Nurse, I have been working in the Adult Care industry for over 11 years and I’ve developed and grown professionally throughout that time.

As a leading care provider, I have found Nellsar that takes the professional growth and development of every member of their staff very seriously. Since I joined Nellsar, I have had the opportunity to undertake many professional and learning developments required for my clinical development, including NVQ Level 5, ACAS Conducting Investigations, Skills For Care (Well Led Course), Practice Assessor’s Course, Pressure Ulcer training, Grey Matter training and Clinical Skills for Care.

Being a Nurse, I am able to know my residents well and cater to their needs, which brings me immense joy. When I am able to bring a ray of hope, or a smile to my residents and their families’ faces, that’s the reward for me. Being a Nurse in India, we don’t get as many opportunities for learning and development, or as much support. Here, at Meyer House, I have been able to see and experience a variety of career opportunities and progression; I have been able to grow in my career and explore different job roles.

When I first joined, most of our notes and documentation was paper based and slowly we have transitioned over to the digital care planning tool, Nourish. This means we have been able to cater to the different nursing needs of our residents in a more efficient way. We always strive to provide the best care and support for our residents and their families, inviting their input and including other team members.

I have an excellent team at Meyer House whose prime focus is always our residents, who are the heart of our Home. My Senior Management team is very supportive and approachable. When I took over as Manager, I was overwhelmed by the care and support extended to me – everyone made me feel at ease and were always ready to guide me.

The best part about working with and leading a Care Home team is knowing that I am able to make a difference to a person’s life and I am one of the reasons my residents are smiling. We at Meyer House are a big happy family, who always stand up for each other and offer the support we need.”