Jibila feels glad to be a part of a leading care home team:

“My name is Jibila Babu and I’ve been working as a Registered Nurse at Meyer House since May 2021. I have received continuous training since I joined the Home, including Grey Matter training, Fire and Safety training, MUST, Wound Care and other basic clinical skills training.

Working at Meyer House is really a pleasure, with supportive colleagues and care staff. One of the most positive changes I’ve witnessed in recent times is the adoption of the digital care planning tool – Nourish. Moving everything online not only saves paper and time, it means our care services and notes for our residents are more integrated.

The whole team, including the Manager, is very supportive and always approachable. They have provided a tension-free, comfortable working environment and I love being part of such a leading Care Home team. I feel positively motivated and look forward to my future career at Meyer House.”